About Us

Lawrence Rowe Legendary Cricket Foundation

Founded in January 2011, the Lawrence Rowe Legendary Cricket Foundation was the brainchild of Audrey Rowe, wife of a legend himself Lawrence Rowe. Together they strived to give back to their community and those in need. The Youth section of the (LRLCF) aim to motivate and direct all children to success we will help safeguard their future by giving them all the tool they need using their accomplishment activity, Skills, ability, challenge, interest, and talent. We also educate the community about Jamaican culture through creative express and the sport of cricket. Our Mission of the heart project aim to help retired sportsmen and women across the Caribbean who are experiencing financial hardship.

What have we done?

In keeping with the mission of the foundation, January 2015 saw the launch of the first Annual Cricket Legends weekend affair. Attended by many cricket greats including Sir Garfield Sobers and Brian Lara, it was time to reminisce, catch up with old friends, and celebrate the glory days. From our Gala Legends Dinner to the exhibition cricket matches held the following Sunday, nostalgia, love, and appreciation filled the atmosphere. Thanks to the generosity of a few private donors, the foundation was able to fund the “Rowe’s Mission of the Heart” project. In August 2015, the foundation hosted its 5th annual Jamaica Independence Children’s Extravaganza (Jamaica I.C.E). This event is a signature undertaking to educate and engage our youngsters about the culture of Jamaica through performing arts. Through dance, poetry, and storytelling, President Audrey Rowe provides a platform for youth to express and explore theircultural South Florida. The need is great, yet the foundation rises to the challenge of touching more lives. We have been working assiduously to establish community partnerships with local elementary and middle schools with great success. It is an exciting time! Join us in sharing our vision and the exciting future that’s ahead.